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Twilight Over Burma (2015) English subs

Twilight Over Burma

Twilight Over Burma (My Life as a Shan Princess)
Dämmerung über Burma


Sabine Derflinger     Wikipedia - IMDb

Plot Synopsis

Based on a true story about an Austrian girl who marries a Shan prince during the turbulent period of Burmese history when general Ne Win is about to take over the country in a coup and killing off lots of his opposition.
Although filmed in Thailand and with mostly Thai actors (speaking English), this movie is banned both in Burma and Thailand.

เป็นเสียง sountrack ภาษาอังกฤษและเยอรมัน ไม่มีบรรยายไทยนะครับ


IMDb 7.4

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File Format: MP4
Video Codec: x264 core 142
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Frame Rate: 25 fps
Video Bitrate: 600
Audio: Stereo AAC-HE 48
Subtitle: English hardsubs
Video Runtime: 1 hour 38 mins
File Size: 460 MB

Twilight Over Burma

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