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Sexercise (2013)




นิกกี้ Pimp - สุระ ธีระกล     วิกิพีเดีย - IMDb - Thai Film Database


เชอรี่ สามโคก - ลฎาภา รัชตะอมรโชติ - กัญญาพัชร์ ไชยยันบูรณ์


Nicky Pimp - Sura Theerakon     IMDb - Thai Film Database


Cherry Samkhok

Plot Synopsis

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  1. Cast:

    Cherry Samkhok
    and …

    what’s her name, another?

  2. Hi Sir,

    First of all I would like to thank you for the nice movies you post, really appreciated. I would like to notify a small issue I came across just recently. The format of the new movies are in DAT format, which is not high quality, could you please try to upload the movies on other formats like MPG,AVi etc. so that the down loaders can have a nice clarity than that of DAT formats

    • I ALWAYS upload the best possible quality of the movies available.

      Lately the many movies are only released as VCD in .DAT format. That is simply the only quality available.

      If I was able to get better quality, why the hell do you think I would bother releasing it as the shit quality .DAT???

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